Chairmanʼs Introduction

Chair-Intro-image1-copyOne of the defining moments for Dubai Airports in 2012 was the completion of Concourse A, the world’s first purpose built A380 facility, which opened for business in early 2013.

Concourse A is one of the key elements of Dubai Airports’ $7.8bn SP2020 expansion plan which will provide enough capacity to accommodate the more than 98 million passengers we expect by 2020. It is a shining example, along with the flawless launches of Terminal 3 in 2008 and Dubai World Central (DWC) in 2010, of Dubai’s unique ability to introduce world-class infrastructure to meet soaring demand.

Dubai Airports has shown time and again that it is able to lead in providing unrivalled connectivity and superb logistics at our airports which rival the best in the world.

As a result, Dubai International has become the airport of choice for many travellers and ended 2012 as the world’s second busiest international airport behind London Heathrow. Over the year more than 57.6 million passengers passed through Dubai International, yet another record for the airport.

As a facilitator of trade and tourism, Dubai Airports has also again proven its importance in supporting the economy of Dubai and the UAE. In 2012 Dubai’s economy grew close to four per cent, an upswing that looks set to sustain its momentum in 2013 on the back of increasing activity across core sectors such as trade, tourism, transport and real estate.

It is this solid foundation that has given Dubai the confidence to launch our bid for Expo 2020 during 2012 and given Dubai the opportunity to showcase itself to the world. Furthermore, if successful, the hosting of World Expo 2020 will boost the emirate’s development over the next seven years.

Looking back over the year, it has become increasingly clear that, while Dubai’s economy is supported by various vital sectors, at its core lies Dubai Airports and the emirate’s vibrant aviation industry.

HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum
President, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority
Chairman, Dubai Airports
Chairman and Chief Executive, Emirates Group