Safety and security are Dubai Airports’ top priorities. They are central to the success of any responsible airport operator and considered vital to every decision or action we take.

Dubai Airports consistently reviews how to improve the delivery of a safe, secure and environmentally responsible airport for passengers, stakeholders and employees. The hub operator’s safety and security experts work closely with their counterparts at Dubai Police, General Civil Aviation Authority, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and other key stakeholder organisations, in compliance with national and international regulations, to ensure the safety and security of air travellers and employees throughout both of Dubai’s airports.

In 2012, Dubai Airports continued to make progress on a number of programmes designed to improve prevention, reporting and mitigating of any accidents or incidents in order to drive a shared responsibility for safety management among all stakeholders working at both airports.

The safety management system introduced in 2011, and maintained in 2012, effectively ensures adherence to policies and regulations and that all departments throughout the airport follow the same processing and reporting procedures.

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Safety Audits

During the year under review, General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), the UAE’s aviation regulatory body, carried out audits at both Dubai International and Dubai World Central to make sure an established regulatory structure is in place. Results yielded during airside safety audits involving foreign object debris (FOD) showed that Dubai Airports continued to maintain a superior safety record.
Additionally the organisation dramatically increased participation in its Safe Unsafe Acts Audit (SUSA) programme, which was introduced in 2010 to identify and
develop safe practices within airport operations. In 2012, more than 10,800 audits were conducted throughout the airport premises.


A new safety e-learning training programme was also finalised in 2012 to ensure effective and timely training can be achieved by all airport teams. The new safety training will be rolled out in 2013.

The annual Dubai Internal HSSE Compliance audit was conducted in 2012 and the initial target was exceeded by a 40 per cent drop in findings, showing the journey to achieving a world-class safety compliance process is firmly on track.

Due to all the relevant efforts from the teams within Dubai Airports, overall lost-time injuries exceeded the 25 per cent reduction target set at the start of the year by a further 53 per cent. The organisation has now set a new target to reduce to zero lost-time injuries and incorporate through the Dubai Airports HSSE Management System reduction targets for accidents by all airport stakeholders.


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Safety Awareness

Multilevel and multilingual communication and awareness was a key element of Dubai Airports’ Safety Awareness Programme for 2012. Specific safety awareness programmes were communicated to an overall audience of 1,620 participants, including stakeholders from across the airport. The hub operator also again held its annual HSSE Excellence Awards event, which recognises and celebrates the achievements of its key suppliers in terms of security and safety.


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Dubai Airports works closely with the GCAA, Dubai Police and other key stakeholders to ensure all regulatory requirements are being met as a minimum standard.

There are monthly governance meetings held for security and safety to ensure a multi-stakeholder approach is taken to provide a safe and secure environment.

As well as supporting the daily operations from a regulatory perspective, the team completed a number of aviation security audits from foreign governments and airlines, which were supported by Dubai Airports Aviation Security Internal Quality Assurance Programme. The GCAA also conducted its six-monthly audits at both Dubai’s airports.

One of the priorities for Dubai Airports in 2012 was to work closely with Dubai Police, GCAA and other internal stakeholders in delivering key elements of Dubai Airports’ SP2020 expansion plan in a safe and secure manner. This included the successful opening of Concourse A at the start of 2013.

Dubai Airports continues to improve its compliance of its own, federal and international regulations and make sure that the correct governance processes are in place.

At the same time, a full review of new technology solutions, especially for security, is under way to improve the passenger process and experience. This included the trialling of new automatic tray return machines which will dramatically improve passenger flow in 2013 while providing Dubai Police with improved tools with which to carry out baggage screening. (See Service)