Fact File

Dubai International is one of the busiest – and at the same time modern – airports in the world. Here are some of its key facts.
Location, Indicator And Name Types Of Traffic Permitted Fuel Grades
OMDB – Dubai International IFRVER Jet A1, AVGAS 100LL


Reference Point Seasonal Ability Oil Grades
25° 15’ 10” N, 55°21’ 52” E All seasons BP and Caltex – D120, Shell and Emojet – all grades except 100 and 120


Site Clearing Fuelling Companies
Mid point of runway, 12”/30L, on CL Nil requirement Enoc, Eppco, Emarat, Shell, AirBP


Distance And Direction From City Cargo Handling Facilities Fuelling Facilities
2.5 nautical miles East of Dubai Complete semi-automatic facilities Hydrants available on bays A11-A13,B1-B13, C1-C17, E1-E10, F1-F14 Airshow apron Browser elsewhere


Elevation Location And Elevation Of
Altimeter Check Locations De Icing Facilities
59 feet Middle of main apron 10 feet
-Main pad on freight apron 9 feet Nil requirement


Magnetic Variation Location Of Vor And Ins Points Hangar Space Available For Visiting Aircraft
1.3°E[2000] Check locations are depicted onaerodrome chart Nil


Regulatory Authority Operational Hours Repair Facilities ForVisiting Aircraft
Dubai Civil Aviation Authority Aerodrome administration – 24 hours
Government of Dubai Customs and Immigration – 24 hours Emirates Airline by arrangement
PO Box 49888 Health and Sanitation – 24 hours
Dubai United Arab Emirates ATS Briefing Office – 24 hours FIRE-FIGHTING SERVICES
Tel – 00971 4 216209 ATS Reporting Office – 24 hours
Fax – 00971 4 2244502 MET Briefing Office – 24 hours Category required CAT 9, Available CAT 10
AFS – OMDBYAYX Air Traffic Services – 24 hours Trained personnel 149
SITA – DXBAPYE Fuelling – 24 hours
Email – dcaa@dcaa.gov.ae Handling – 24 hours RESCUE EQUIPMENT
Website – www.dcaa.gov.ae Security – 24 hours To ICAO requirments for category


Administrative Authority Removal Of Disabled Aircraft
Dubai Airports, PO Box 2525 By arrangement