HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum

In 2014 Dubai International became the world’s number one hub for international passenger traffic. This landmark is a culmination of Dubai’s open skies policy; its growing network connectivity; its attractiveness as a business and tourism destination – and our continual investment in aviation infrastructure over the past 50 years. This major milestone supports our ambitious vision for the aviation industry and gives us the confidence to continue investing in growing the sector, one of the key pillars of Dubai’s and UAE’s economy.

Already the remarkable growth of the aviation sector has had a tremendous impact on the economic growth of Dubai. An Oxford Economic Report commissioned in 2014 demonstrated that Emirates airline, Dubai Airports and the aviation sector as a whole contributed $26.7 billion to the Dubai economy in 2013, which was almost 27% of Dubai’s GDP and supported a total of 416,500 jobs, accounting for 21% of the emirates’ total employment.

The report also reaffirms aviation’s growing significance as a major engine of economic development while its far-reaching contributions to other industries are a catalyst for a wide spectrum of economic activities. The report forecasts that by 2030 the contribution of aviation to GDP will increase dramatically, rising to $88bn or 44.7 per cent of GDP.

So, when we turn our attention to our expansion plans over the next few decades, there is overwhelming evidence that our ambitious and bold vision of the future is the way forward for Dubai and the UAE.

Dubai International (DXB)

Underlining our proven track record of successfully charting new frontiers, in September 2014 HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, endorsed a plan to invest $32bn to build what will become the world’s largest airport at Al Maktoum International at Dubai World Central.

This decision to create the world’s biggest and best airport is firmly rooted in the knowledge that we have the will and the ability to drive the aviation industry to new heights - growth that will continue to benefit both Dubai and the hundreds of cities we connect around the globe.

HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum

Chairman, Dubai Airports

Oxford economic report 2014

Quantifying the Economic Impact of Aviation in Dubai


  • $26.7 billion to the Dubai economy
  • 27 per cent of Dubai’s GDP
  • Support 416,500 jobs
  • 21 per cent of total employment


  • $53.1 billion to the Dubai economy
  • 37.5 per cent of Dubai’s GDP
  • Support over 750,000 jobs
  • 29 per cent of total employment


  • $88.1 billion to the Dubai economy
  • 44.7 per cent of Dubai’s GDP
  • Support 1,194,700 jobs
  • 35 per cent of total employment
For $100 of activity in the aviation sector, a further $72 is added in other sectors of the local economyFor every 100 jobs created in aviation, an additional 116 jobs are created elsewhere in Dubai