Dubai International (DXB)

The passion, commitment and innovative spirit of our employees is critical to Dubai Airports’ ability to manage an increasingly complex two-airport operation, while redefining our passenger experience to meet the modern traveller’s expectations.

Therefore our ability to maintain a competitive employee proposition is vital to keeping the more than 3,100 employees from 56 countries united around our target of managing the world’s biggest and best airports, while increasing our ability to attract the best talent available.

In order to achieve this, Dubai Airports in 2014 took a fresh look at the business and how it has evolved over the past few years. With this in mind, we began a reorganisation of the business to ensure that Dubai Airports continues to have the required skills to manage the fast growing airports, support better decision-making and maintain our position as an employer of choice.

Building employee loyalty:
Turnover rates continue to fall

3182 employees
from 56 countries


200 posts filled in 20149,012 training days in 2014 – up from 3,100 recorded in 2013

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Human Resources

Dubai Airports has long worked to enhance its reputation as an employer of choice by implementing initiatives to support employees at work and enrich their lives at home.

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Dubai Airports continues to recruit the most talented and skilled individuals across all areas of the business.

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Service Training

Dubai Airports relies on the more than 90,000 people that work at our airports to ensure that we deliver a world class service to each and every passenger.

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Learning & Development

Dubai Airports kicked off 2014 with the opening of Launchpad, a new state-of-the-art learning and development centre.

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Talent Development

Every year Dubai Airports identifies high-performing and high-potential employees for a range of development programmes.

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National Identity

UAE Nationals are playing an increasingly important role in the management of Dubai Airports.

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Rewards & Recognition

Dubai Airports’ reward and recognition schemes are key to inspiring the workforce.

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Employee Wellbeing & Events

Creating an environment where employees look forward to being part of Dubai Airports is integral to its success.