The growth story continues

More than 78 million passengers were welcomed in 2015, with 85 million expected in 2016

Our brand new $1.2 billion Concourse D opened

DXB will welcome

An estimated 85 million passengers in 2016

Dubai International has grown at an annual average growth rate of over 13% since it was opened 55 years ago. Not surprisingly the growth story continued in 2015, with both airports collectively welcoming more than 78 million passengers.

With traffic expected to surpass 85 million passengers in 2016 and more than 100 million by 2020, Dubai Airports is working on long term plans to expand its infrastructure to ensure that the growth of Dubai’s aviation sector remains unhindered in the decades to come.

The opening of Concourse D in February 2016 signalled the completion of Strategic Plan 2020, a US$7.8 billion airport and airspace expansion programme that was launched in 2011 to boost capacity at DXB from 60 million to 90 million passengers.

Considering there is no room for further expansion at DXB, Dubai Airports is working with its stakeholders to design product innovation and operational improvements that will provide capacity for 118 million passengers in 2023 without adding any additional infrastructure while delivering an exceptional customer experience.

At the same time, another expansion project is underway at DWC to increase its capacity to 26 million passengers by 2018 ahead of the second phase of expansion that will accommodate Dubai’s aviation growth well into the future.