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Proactive and prepared

Our implementation of smarter systems enables us to meet the complexities of operating two rapidly growing airports

DXB handled 403,517 aircraft movements in 2015


100 solar panels power the employee gate facility

In recent years, the rapid growth of traffic at Dubai International has presented Dubai Airports with an increasingly complex, two-airport operation.

In order to deliver and maintain an exceptional passenger experience, a new and increasingly proactive approach to managing our airports was needed. Accordingly, Dubai Airports launched a NextGen programme that enables us to meet the challenges of managing two large airports across three key operational areas – namely people, assets and process.

Central to this new approach is the development of an Airport Operations Control Centre (AOCC) from which will help all stakeholders, including airlines and control authorities, manage operations at Dubai International. In addition to providing a more memorable airport experience for our passengers, the smart use of technology is key to improving the efficiency, resilience and reliability of our business and the airport operation it supports.