Airport Operations Control Centre

One robust structure

The new AOCC will put all the required information at the airport management’s fingertips

The development of a new Airport Operations Control Centre (AOCC) enables all stakeholders, including airlines and control authorities, to manage operations at Dubai International.

Vital to the effective functioning of the new AOCC is a centralised airport operating system that will combine all IT systems across the airport campus and stakeholders into a single, robust structure – putting all the required information at the airport management’s fingertips. The system will make use of real-time data from the various stakeholders, allowing for more proactive and informed decision making.

All core packages of work were tendered in 2015 to facilitate the beneficial use of the system as early as possible. Proof of concept trials for workstations, virtualised desktop, video walls, and integrated communications systems have been deployed in the current Joint Control Room (JCR) to ensure that user requirements are fully incorporated into the configuration of the new AOCC. Upgrades to the Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) system, as well as early enabling works, have already been completed to expedite the project to its construction and completion within 2016.

In 2015, the Campus Training programme was launched to train operational staff in NextGen processes alongside vendor systems training for the AOS, sensors and Operations Planning Tool (see State of the art system section for details).