Onwards and upwards

Unabated growth and continuous expansion present exciting opportunities

78 million passengers passed through DXB in 2015

DXB handled 403,517 aircraft movements in 2015

Dubai International’s 55 year old growth story continued unabated in 2015 with the airport registering record highs in passenger traffic and the global recognition of being the world’s busiest international hub. But where the traffic of 78 million passengers and more than 400,000 aircraft movements brought accolades and recognition, it also meant that the scale and complexity of the operation was greater than ever.

Continuous growth also means that there is never a time when Dubai International is not undergoing expansion or refurbishment, from adding new facilities and renovating existing terminals to enhancing systems out on the airfield. Last year was no exception, with a major refurbishment project at Terminal 1 being carried out alongside the construction and testing of Concourse D, while ‘follow the green’, the latest airfield guidance system, was being trialled.