Initiatives for smooth operations

Embracing the latest technology

State of the art systems are enabling us to provide exceptional experiences and streamlined operations

Dubai Airports is constantly committed to adopting the latest technology to help streamline operations, limit emissions, enhance safety, meet increased capacity demands and give our customers a world class experience.

A year after the flawless execution of the runway refurbishment programme in 2014 – which boosted overall capacity and flexibility to accommodate the ongoing traffic growth – Dubai Airports, in collaboration with technology provider Honeywell, worked on the implementation and trialling of a state-of-the-art system called ‘follow the greens’ to further enhance efficiency and traffic flow on the airfield.

The advanced Ground Traffic Management (GTM) solution helps pilots to safely navigate through the airport’s complex network of taxiways, even in the case of reduced visibility. The system assesses all aircraft traffic on the airfield, identifies the optimal routing to the gate (or conversely from gate to runway) and activates a series of lights on the tarmac. Instead of following radio instructions from the air traffic control tower, pilots simply follow the green lights.

Honeywell’s GTM system helps reduce taxi times, save fuel and limit emissions while improving taxiway safety. The new system also reduces strain on air traffic controller operations, improves situational awareness, and generates additional savings through reduced lighting and operational costs.

At the time of publishing, Dubai Airports had announced the successful implementation of the new system at DXB.