Employee Well-being

Healthy environment

By supporting employee well-being at work and home, our business is able to perform at the highest level

We fully understand the importance of the well-being of our people, and offer a wide range of health awareness and sporting initiatives to help them embark on a path to better health. Well-being at work can support innovation, productivity, creativity and quality, ultimately leading to business growth, and boosting Dubai Airports’ competition on the world stage.

In 2015 there was a growing recognition of the importance of individual well-being at Dubai Airports with a number of initiatives adopted to boost the health of employees across the business. This included physical workplace considerations, as well as people’s physical and psychological health.

More than 1,300 employees participated in a wide variety of events and initiatives during the year. The busy schedule featured sporting and cultural events, special offers and health awareness campaigns that appealed not only to our employees, but extended our well-being ethos beyond the working environment, bringing together entire families in a relaxed and fun setting.