Safe and sound

Responsible safety management is a fundamental aspect of our operations

Safety Assurance
Dubai Airports works closely with our counterparts at Dubai Police, General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and other key stakeholders in compliance with national and international regulations to improve the delivery of safe, secure and environmentally responsible airports.

Dubai Airports worked on a number of programmes in 2015 to enhance the prevention, reporting and mitigation of any accidents or incidents at both Dubai International (DXB) and Dubai World Central (DWC).

Safety Audits and System Implementation

During 2015, the UAE’s aviation regulatory body, the GCAA, carried out audits at both airports to make sure an established regulatory structure remains in place.

Additionally, Dubai Airports’ in-house inspection programme ensures that its food safety and hygiene standards continue to meet or exceed those set globally. The programme involves working closely with some 150 food and beverage and retail outlets across DXB and DWC to reinforce world-class food hygiene and safety standards. In addition, more than 11,300 safety audits and inspections were carried out.

An airport-wide safety action group, involving all stakeholders, also ensures efficient communication and stakeholder engagement on safety matters.

Safety Culture and Rewards

Embedding a world-class safety and security culture across the organisation calls for continuous support and promotion throughout Dubai Airports. Multi-level and multi-lingual communication and awareness were key elements of Dubai Airports’ safety awareness programmes in 2015.

A series of safety campaigns were rolled out throughout 2015, serving to strengthen the robust safety culture across the entire airport community, while highlighting important safety areas such as foreign object debris and fatigue management for vehicle drivers.

A much-anticipated event in the Dubai Airports calendar is the recognition of our safety heroes. For the fifth consecutive year, Dubai Airports held the prestigious Safety & Security Excellence Awards. These awards recognise the safety and environmental achievers among the employees of Dubai Airports, its stakeholders, its contractors and the government bodies operating within our airports. To date, more than 1,000 nominations have been received and 168 awards presented.