Uncompromising standards

Maintaining the best international practices in security are integral to our business

Security Assurance
Security assurance is vital to ensuring that we maintain the highest security standards, especially with the introduction of new infrastructure across both of our airports.

Through our “Plan, Do and Review” processes, we work very closely with all of our internal and external stakeholders – especially control authorities and government entities – at federal, local and international level.

In 2015, Dubai Airports’ security team carried out 15 external audits, 45 internal audits, and over 1,200 security inspections.

Security Development & Compliance
Dubai Airports’ security master programme, which set the guidelines, standards and best international practices, was activated and in place to support the delivery of infrastructure projects while providing improved safety and security compliance and service to our customers.

In addition, six security trials were conducted by Dubai Airports’ development and compliance team, who are responsible for aviation security development, technology and compliance to International Civil Aviation Organization standards. The most significant systems that were trialled at DXB, and are currently in the implementation process, include a centralised screening – the checkpoint of the future, among others.

Security Management System

A turning point in security management was the introduction of Amin, a security management system that centralised and automated all services provided by Dubai Airports’ security unit (internal and external).

Amin is now in the final stages of implementation and has improved service and increased efficiency by automating 90 per cent of all security services.

Security Culture

The security team is responsible for raising awareness of security measures and regulations to help maintain high security levels at Dubai Airports. Gaining access to restricted areas at the busiest airport in the world comes with a set of responsibilities and expectations which are communicated through our security awareness annual event, with over 300 attendees each year. This process is supported by training sessions for May I Help You staff, security advisory messages, and the newly introduced security training workshops held at Dubai Airports’ training facility.