Limiting environmental impact

Dubai Airports is committed to ensuring waste disposal is conducted with best practices in mind.

Recycling programme
The organisation actively seeks to limit the environmental impact of solid waste collected at both DXB and DWC through recycling.

During 2015, Dubai Airports recycled more than 3,067 tonnes of solid waste collected across DXB, up from the 2,713 tonnes of paper, carton and plastic collected in 2014. This included the collection and recycling of 1,018 tonnes of cardboard, 787 tonnes of glass bottles, 159 tonnes of plastic, 462 tonnes of paper, 174 tonnes of plastic bottles and aluminium cans and 272 tonnes of wood.

Over the same period, DWC recycled 54.22 tonnes of waste, including 34.3 tonnes of paper, 19.6 tonnes of plastic and 0.33 tonnes of e-waste.

Clean Up Day
The organisation also organised a Clean Up Day where 2,616 employees, contractors, stakeholders and government staff participated and collected 4,808kg of waste across DXB and DWC. At each location, the collected waste was segregated into plastic, paper, metal, wood and general for reuse and recycling.