Water and energy conservation

Saving resources

A number of initiatives were implemented across DXB and DWC to conserve water and energy.

Earth Hour
For the seventh consecutive year, employees at Dubai Airports joined millions of people around the world to celebrate Earth Hour in March by switching off all non-essential lights for one hour across DXB and DWC.

The two airports collectively saved approximately 23,200 KWH of energy during Earth Hour, with more than 700 participants in attendance at Zabeel Park to mark the event.

The campaign to turn off all non-essential lights for an hour a day, over 24 days at all facilities across both airports was continued in the run-up to Earth Hour. Over the course of the 24 days, a total of 241,970KWH of energy was saved, which is equivalent to reducing 103.7 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Since 2009, the Earth Hour activities at Dubai Airports have saved a total of 106,707KWH of energy, which is equivalent to reducing 234.87 tonnes of C02 emissions (local specific).

Initiatives in DXB which helped limit its environmental footprint in 2015
A number of innovative steps were taken in 2015 to conserve energy and save water in line with Dubai Airports’ commitment and support to the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030.

  • Installation of LEDs for North Runway and associated taxiways
  • Pilot project to retrofit Baggage Handling System (BHS) with permanent magnet motors
  • ‘Off peak’ operations modification to our baggage handling system
  • Reduced operation mode for Automated People Mover (APM)
  • Replacement of high wattage flood lights with LEDs in Concourse C
  • Introduction of treated sewage effluent plant to supply makeup water to cooling towers
  • Chiller operations optimisation through control system modification
  • Installation of low-flow aerators on taps and showers and low-flow flush valves on urinals and flush toilets
  • Optimisation of chilled water demand set points
  • Demand-based indoor lighting optimisation at various locations

Initiatives in DWC
Installed in 2014 to reduce the airport’s carbon footprint, DWC’s solar array powers the employee gate facility. Using 100 solar panels on the roof of the building, the array – which has a capacity of 30KW – generates about 48.8 MWh of electricity per year, reducing the amount of power used by the facility by a third. In 2015 the solar array generated approximately 47935KWHr which resulted in approximately 20,612kg of CO2 savings (local specific).

In addition, the following steps were integrated in DWC in 2015 to conserve energy and save water:

  • Energy conservation of air-conditioning by heat reflective coating
  • Optimising duty cycle of compressor
  • Intelligent thermostat and lighting through application of LED
  • Occupancy sensors across facilities